Launching UK’s first halal Active-wear brand

Shaz muslim woman personal trainer in a session with project ribcage


Personal trainer
Pioneering the way to female modest sportswear
Full time student

In light of the Olympics, we open with sports

We've found ourselves a real treat - a London based fitness coach and all round top gal.

We stalked her for a whole day and she was also kind enough to put us through our paces.

If you thought that strength was exclusive to non-hijabi ladies, then we hope that this week will change your mind.


Meet Shaz.



I had this guy DM me the other day. He said:


“Excuse me sister, I don’t mean to offend you or anything. But, you should practice your sports at home.”


Our voices have been oppressed for so long. People like to look at you, and paint you with the same brush as everyone else. And it’s a matter of standing up and showing that we are all individuals. We have a voice; a quality about us that no-one else has.

"Our voices have been oppressed for so long"


Even in the Olympics, we’ve got:
1) An Egyptian volleyball player,
2) Archers,
3) Weightlifters,
4) Power lifters
These are all women who are on big platforms.


I’m a London based personal trainer with a female client base and, I produce Modest activewear.
If you go on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook; they advertise themselves with their bodies. A lot of them will be really ripped, shredded, six pack, big butt, big boobs. “This is me, I can make you look like this, so hire me to be your PT!”

Advice for Hijab + Working out

So, I researched other women who worked out in hijab and came across some very inspiring women. They didn’t melt… I thought I would go and do it, be myself, just be me, be Shaz, the same Shaz I’ve always been. Gradually my mindset just changed. And I realised that if it’s not hindering them at all, then why should it hinder me?



For women struggling with hijab and training: don’t hesitate to contact other sisters.


Influencing others with Mentoring and fitness

We managed to receive funding to run free fitness classes and mentoring for young girls in Barking. One of these girls in particular: a Musilm Hijabi girl, about 13/ 14 years old. On the first day that we had these sessions, she was so in awe. And at the end of the session, she came up to me and asked how I got into training and becoming an instructor. How did my parents and family feel about it? I was really touched by it. I told her about myself. She is an amazing young woman.



"On the first day that we had these sessions, she was so in awe."


Strong Girl clothing

I found it quite challenging to find outfits to wear. And I was waiting for a clothing line to pop up from somewhere so I could buy from it. And I actually spoke to Lydia Mok, and she encouraged me to launch it myself. And I have a variety on the site now. So in Sha Allah by next year, we’ll have a better range for women in fitness.


The Forecast

Right now, I feel like there’s a change happening, there’s an up-rise of Muslim women and Hijabi women speaking out and just going for it. And I think that a lot of women today- women in general. We’re not afraid to make people feel uncomfortable with our presence.



" We’re not afraid to make people feel uncomfortable with our presence."


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