Episode 0: The Podcast Intro

project ribcage podcast espisode 0


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We've tried so hard to cram so much good content of what is said by these ladies for long enough! So we introduce to you the Podcasts. An opportunity to hear these ladies out! A place to properly discuss things, talk about it. Think about it, share it with you.

If you don't have a soundcloud account because you're as unedgey as us, then please create one now (and subscribe)! That way, you can hear these as soon as they come out. We promise they'll bang, and that's all we promise. You can hold us to that. We are super super sick of people discussing Muslim women without Muslim women, and so we're doing it. Follow us!

MEet Saffana and Fatima

Hungry for more?

Saffana's blog
Fatima's instagram

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