Our 2017 Round Up!

2017 Project Ribcage

As it is a new year, we take these two weeks to both celebrate our accomplishments and share with you our intentions for the coming year.

This post will have:

1) The 2017 video,
2) Each of the Project Ribcage team put their feels about 2017 in words,
3) What's coming in 2018.

Here is the Video. Watch it.


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Highlight of the year:
Finding Faizah / Being found by Faizah. It is very rare to find like minded individuals who are willing to work hard beyond their existing responsibilities. And we managed to find a good one/ She found us.

PR Goal for 2018:
Hold a kick-ass event for women and create an unbeatable atmosphere.

Advice for young me:
Your instincts. Follow through with what they say. Every.Time.




Highlight of the year:
This year has been the most packed for Project Ribcage, the highlight for me would be the emotional rollercoaster we go through everytime when interviewing each lady, we are thrown by the sheer wisdom and the unexpected advice that they give back. It's definitely one the most motivating aspects of doing Project Ribcage!

PR Goal for 2018:
To spread the values of hard work, consistency, helping each other to be better and having faith in the process, I would like PR to be the go to place for inspiration and practical advice and a place girls can reach out for career help. oh and at least to just gush at all the phenomenal women we have featured 🙂

Advice for the young me:
Trust your instincts, follow your heart and do everything with 100%.




Highlight of the year:
Interviewing Akeela Ahmed- Akeela has earned the opportunity to be mass media's go to gal to give the Muslim opinion. This is outstanding, she runs her own businesses and she has spoken at the United Nations - it is a dream of mine to work here, let alone being invited to speak here.

PR Goal for 2018:
I hope that the social awareness of PR will grow uncontrollably and the advice of our interviewees are accessible to ALL. I want PR to be a household name. I want PR to hold networking events for Young Muslimahs who can meet with people in roles that they want to do and get face to face, tailored 'advice' to assist in their unique situation with the aim of getting them to where they want to be in terms of careers.

Advice for young me:
Enjoy Life - don't be too serious, don't stress out so much. Everything will work out as long as you put in the work and remember Allah. Don't miss out on being young but also ensure you put time aside to focus on your true vision.


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