FMC, Viral Tweets and Sisterhood.

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What was your FAVOURITE event of 2017? Be Honest.

Ours by a long mile was the FMC closing party. Elephant and CAstle. Small exhibition. Female Muslim Artists, Female DJ. Sisters on stage and sisterhood in the air.

We sit down and chat with the lady responsible for creating that atmosphere. We try to tap into what makes her HER. 
At interviews, we're ALLL about getting the truth behind the woman, and the individual story. And this one is as funny and emotional as tea with Najwa herself.

Usually there's a little disclaimer here about trying to be TOO mesmerised, but it's pointless with Najwa.

Here's her in the trailer. Post recording.

Meet Najwa 



If you liked Episode 2, Here are episodes 1 and 0

1 is where we launched the interview podcasts with a BBC radio Presenter Called Anisa Subedar

0 is when it was just  Fatima and Saffana explaining themselves.


Where to find Najwa:

Ray of Sunshine

Ø Avid Tweeter

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