Poetry, Islam and the importance of sisterhood

amina jamma poet project ribcage interview


Ø  Somali Poet.
Ø  Born and raised in East London
Ø  Runs London's longest running Poetry night
Ø  Published alonside other female writers.

Meet Amina. 

We've learnt from Farrah that good things don't come easy, so, in this episode. We follow Amina Jama around Shoreditch as she tells us about how she got to where she is, current projects and an upcoming documentary we cannot wait to watch.

Take this video as a means to be inspired to pursue the passion you have been keeping on the back burner in any way you can. 

Read some of her work here:

Grab "The things I would tell you" from any of these places. Edited by Sabrina Mahfouz. It will genuinely change your life.

You are also able to watch some of her amazing poetry here, also some phenomenal poetry here.

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