The face of Nike Pro Hijab: the work behind the climb

manal rostom, picture from nike pro hijab campaign


Ø 36 years old.
Ø  Nike Trainer.
Ø  Mountain Climber.

This week, we invite this warrior to kick off Ribcage Nation.

The first Egyptian woman to run the Wall of China marathon and the only reason we buy Nike. She's an all around kick ass individual, and we stole a few minutes of her mountain climbing training time to ask some real hijabi fitness doozies.

If you don't know, now you know.


Meet Manal. 


What do you do?

I got into professional fitness training 3 years ago when I became a certified RPM Instructor. I was later on approached by Nike to become a women's only Nike Run Club Coach and NTC Trainer. Best thing that happened to me.

Your take on inspiring others

I didn't start out hoping for that to happen. Although I take a lot of pride in the fact that it does inspire other girls and especially hijabi girls. I always say I wish I met myself when I was entering my 20’s and struggling with the decision to wear hijab.

  I want to be able to break stereotypes and the misconceptions about hijabi women and women who cover up.

Any hArdships being a hijabi in the Middle East

I feel it’s challenging everywhere for all women in the world. 2 years ago my friends were taking off their hijab to be able to better cope with society and judgements. I started my Surviving Hijab group in 2014 to be able to combat that. It was recognised as the fastest growing Facebook group in the Middle East. Today we boomed to 205 K girls.

List your obstacles?

- Representing Arab Muslim women for Nike.
- Sports in Hijab.
- All sports so training and mountain climbing and triathlons and running.

Does the hijab limit your capabilities?

I do not allow for that to happen

Last words of advice?

- Don't be scared to be who you are.
- You are Beautiful
- Go conquer.


Which question should we have asked?

If was married and had kids:

I am single and no kids- looking for a husband though ahaha - always wished to have 5 kids. Not sure how much chance I stand being still single at 36 but let's see :).

And with that. We thank you for reading.

You heard the lady; go conquer

UPDATE:  Manal is one of the faces of Nike Pro Hijab campaign. 

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