The importance of staying active


Ø Physical education/health teacher
Ø Fitness columnist

If you're still not convinced that the days of being just one title is a thing of the past, please allow this lady to change your mind.

A zen hijabi with more ambition than you an shake a fatwa at, we give you an educator, athlete, writer and all round inspiration.


Meet Nura.


How do you describe what you do and how did you got into it

I teach. From athletics to adventure challenges to healthy eating to hygiene.
I write fitness articles to help people reach their ultimate health while enjoying the process.
I got into the field of sports through a paper that I wrote in university explaining the situation of hijabi women in physical activities which led me to give talks to high schools.


Is your intention to inspire others, if yes, how so?

Yes! Through sports. Sports should teach us that nothing is impossible, limitations are only in our heads, practice makes perfect.
It is very touching for me to see the faces of my students when they master a skill.
Sports are not always about competitions. They are about having fun and taking care of our health.


Do you have to overcome hardships to live the life that you do in modern day UAE?

I work in an environment dominated by westerners. I was judged from my first day at work as a ‘lazy Arab’ even though we shared experience and education.


Hardships of living in the UAE?

I had none except from being away from my family. Day to day life in the UAE is amazing. There is a balanced combination of work and social life. The country is very open, free, and accepting of others. It is a very cool place to live in.


What's the biggest obstacle you have overcome?

Wherever I go I am a “female” who is a physical education teacher. Never mind being a hijabi, being a female is another struggle in the world of sports. I have taken on the fight of proving those people wrong by committing to the world of sports that I love and very passionate about.


Does the hijab limit your capabilities?

Not at all. My Hijab was never a limit to my capabilities. If anything, it keeps me fighting for the goals that I want to achieve in life. My hijab makes me stronger everyday and helps me stay determined and on track.


Write anything you would like to say to girls growing up in today's society.

- Elevate yourself with your actions, thoughts, and your hard work.
- Never let anyone take your voice.
- Never give up or let anyone put you down.
- Find a mentor who is older than you and would give you a good advice or better yet, be best friends with your parents.
- Surround yourself with friends who believe in you and your dreams.
- Mostly importantly, be proud of who you are.


We thank you for taking the time to read this.


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