Golden Tiffin: the graft behind blogging

thahmina Goldentiffin project ribcage interview


Ø  East London food blogger
Ø  Featured in Halal gems magazine
Ø  Creates beautiful videos 
Ø  Working alongside TimeOut London to rediscover cuisine

It's Ramadan again, and we pay homage to the days we used to eat out in the sunshine.

Join us as we have delicious mango salad made by the lady behind The Golden Tiffin, one of the most mesmerising food blogs we've ever seen. We learn From Thamina how food has helped her rediscover her roots and turn knowledge into a celebration. We follow Thamina around her kitchen as she tells us about how she got to where she is, teaching in East London and how being a nerd has worked out beautifully.

If you weren't hungry before, you will be now, Here's our trailer for the coming week's episode. 

Meet THAMina. 

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