How to mark your territory

farrah sheikh video interview with project ribcage at SoAS university of london

Ø PhD Student

Ø Director of 2 companies

Ø Also does some work @Jawab

Ø Studying the lives of British Muslims

As the new school terms are in full swing, we introduce you to Farrah

If for some reason you were under the impression that good things come easy,

Please take this as a reality check from this Director of 3 companies and Scholarship award winner who will hit you with some home truths.

This is the time to reconsider the entire status quo and stop using your barriers as an excuse for second place.

Meet Farrah. 

Read some of her work here:

What’s going wrong in the public discourse on British Muslims?

What’s going on in Brexit Britain?

The futility of politicising Remembrance Day

A response to Charles Moore, former editor of the Daily telegraph, on “anxieties” related Muslim immigration.

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