Project Ribcage is an initiative which aims to elevate the self image of Muslim women by sharing and celebrating the many talents and accomplishments of hand selected Muslim women who are following their dreams.

The structure is simple, we interview Muslim women in various walks of life and ask them the questions that nobody usually asks. We give them the chance to speak about themselves and for themselves. We help deliver their message and share each story, one by one.

Where to start?

We promise a new story once every 2 weeks. We let you know what's coming with a trailer on our YouTube account, and we release the full version the following week. We're using Video, Audio and Written interviews to spread the message. We lead by example, and we follow our passions, and hope these ladies will inspire you to do the same.

Why Ribcage?

Good question: it’s intended to be a subtle reference to our target audience, Muslim Women, so we opted for Ribcage.

According to some Abrahamic theories, Eve was created from Adam’s rib. The majority of interpretations symbolise protection, strength and structure of an environment. We maintain that the imperativeness of the success of women is nothing new. And for those in doubt; women’s success is not only demonstrable, but once we decide and are self-aware of it, it becomes destined fate. As we’re not teaching anything new, our project is a reminder of our “origin”.

Hence, Project: Ribcage.

Let's get on with it, shall we?